Company History

Impílio Niero "Pilho" was born in Italy on 04/22/1863 married to Joana Titon Niero.
He came to Brazil with his brother Teobaldo Niero aboard the steam ship Pó, where they traveled for 40 days. Arrived in Brazil in 22/04/1887.

Impílio Niero settled in Ribeirão D'Areia in the city of Pedras Grandes, in Santa Catarina, where he produced cachaça with his brother-in-law João Titon

At that time the sugar cane was cut and ground in a mill handled and the broth was fermented in wooden pots. The cachaça was distilled in a small copper alembic.

A few years later, John Titon died a victim of lightning, resulting in the end of the production of cachaça.

Today, 130 years later, we rescued a little of the family history, returning the origins and elaborating one of the most famous distillates of the world that is Brazilian cachaça, and honoring our great-grandfather, Impílio "Velho Pilho" as it was known.