Cachaça and Pepper

Portions: 1 serving


1 serving of cachaça
¼ serving of limoncello
Juice of ½ lemon Sicilian
Pepper finger, sugar and calabrian pepper ground to decorate

Method of Preparation

In a cocktail shaker, add ice, mix the cachaça, limoncello and Sicilian lemon juice. Put the crushed pepper and sugar in a shallow dish. Moisten the mouth of the glass by passing half of the Sicilian lemon all over the edge. Pass the edge of the glass onto the plate with pepper and sugar until it is well filled. Pour the mix of the shaker into the beaker carefully so the liquid does not touch the rim. Cut the smaller end of the fingertip pepper and attach it to the edge of the glass, simple contact with the liquid will give an extra ruse to the drink.