Caipirinha Nega Rosa

Portions: 1 serving


For the ginger syrup: 1/2 liter of water 1kg of refined sugar 250g of grated natural ginger For the drink: 50 ml of cachaça 15 ml of watermelon liqueur 5 pieces of watermelon 10 ml of Sicilian lemon juice 15 ml of Ginger syrup

Method of Preparation

Start with the ginger syrup. Heat the water and add refined sugar, mix well with a mixer until all the sugar is diluted. Add the ginger and set aside for 24 hours, then strain the syrup and set aside.

To drink:

Macere the pieces of watermelon with the lemon-Sicilian juice and the ginger syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add the other ingredients and beat together with the ice cubes. Strain and place in a long glass with new ice.

For the garnish, place a thin slice of watermelon inside the glass and 1 stalk of broken holy grass.