Portions: 1 serving


60 ml of cachaça Infused with mate herb
20 ml of Sugar syrup
50 ml of passion fruit

½ tahiti lemon

Method of Preparation

For infusion:

Strain 500 ml of cachaça in 50 grams of mate with a fine strainer. Reserve the mixture.
For the sugar syrup:
Heat ½ liter of water and dilute 1 kg of sugar with an electric mixer. Reserve the syrup in the refrigerator
For the drink:
In a cocktail shaker, place ½ sliced ??tahiti lemon, passion fruit, sugar syrup and macere. Add cachaça with infusion of yerba mate and cubed ice in the shaker and beat vigorously until the cocktail cools. Fine-tune in a gourd of mate with broken ice or in a passion fruit peel with broken ice.